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    I started out as a Graphic Designer in the year 2006. When I started college, I was actively engaged in graphic designing, but one class opened my creativity, and the way I looked at art had been completely changed. Prior to the course I assumed that art was something no more than an aesthetically pleasing painting, drawing, sculpture and photography. At the completion of the course, I began thinking of art in a different light. Photography means to paint with light and I soon realized that there was more to photography than pressing a button. I realized the goal of an artist is not simply to create a beautiful picture, rather to express opinions, ideas and feelings to a viewer. This is when I began to think of art as a movement of the soul and mind that is brought to life through my work.

Similar to writing, art is simply another way we’re able to communicate thoughts to one another. I am beginning to see art is a universal language that can be understood by all who have the ability to tap into all your senses. This language can be used to express history, religion, politics, philosophy, reality, fantasy, complex feelings, emotions or anything a person wishes to evoke through their work. The photographer creates a painting to communicate something to the viewer and the role of the viewer is to analyze and attempt to find meaning within the work. I wish to help students become more aware of art as a beautiful language through which we can express ourselves.

Over the years I’ve been working on my style of photography and I realized I love to take pictures in a low light environment. Most of the pictures I took were of inanimate objects because I didn’t have any live models to work with. I took this opportunity to study an object and how the light wrapped around it. Midnight is when I did most of my photography. My midnight photography lead me to an idea which combined my low light photography with the setting of the day. I developed a name for my style: “After Dark Special.” It is a combination of my low light photography and my cinematic style. I worked with model Lenney Garcia, who is my close friend and he helped to develop the After Dark Special even further. Ever since I linked up with him, he has helped market my photography. Lenney also assisted my in building up my fan base on all the popular social media sites. He inspired me to branch out which I am truly thankful for. The purpose of my magazine is to not only showcase my work but it is also to serve as a platform for up-and-coming talents. So in other words, if you are musician, singer, dancer, or model, this magazine gives you a chance to show off those skills. I aim to capture the personality of the person, which is important because you want people to see you for who you are.

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