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ENcouraging natural Beauty 


Model Information

model submission guidelines

Pictures: (attached five clear images to the email)

- Please make sure that the picture you are sending is not blurred or out of focus. It must be sharp.

- It is important that the picture is able to see your face from both the side and the front.

- Must be able to see your body. This does not mean a bikini or underwear - normal clothes are fine, but a full body shot is required.

Biography: (150 words minimum)

Tell me about yourself: your age, job, education, experience in the field of photography or video, where are you from, what languages you speak (if English is not your native tongue), and any special talents you have (athletics, ballet, sports, etc.), or anything else that you think is relevant.


- You do not have to be tall or skinny. (All shapes and sizes are considered)

- You do not have to be young. (Old and elderly are welcome)

- You do not have to be experienced. (A willing attitude and a great smile are more important)

Model Release:

All models will be required to sign the following Model Release. If you are under 18 years old, your parent / guardian must sign as well using the following Minor Release. The release will be collected at the start of the shoot. If the release is not signed, or you are unwilling to sign a release, the shoot will not commence, and you will not be considered for future projects.

Email Submission to: iamzainmagazine@gmail.com